Davos is GREEN

Quality Green

Quality is the guiding principle in the production process: it is an essential asset that has transformed the company into a world leader in the rubber sheets market. For this reason Davos is now a point of reference for shoe factories, sole manufacturers and stylists.

The TUV, an International Quality Certification Institute, issued the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate to Davos, as the products meet all the quality standards required. Davos is also a member of SATRA FOOTWEAR TECHNOLOGY. The quality Davos ensures to its customers is not just about high technical, physical or mechanical standards of the products; Davos seeks to reach high standards in matters such as SAFETY and ECOSUSTAINABILITY.

In particular, all the products are being adapted to international legislation and to existing parameters regarding the use of harmful substances, that are day by day more and more restrictive.

The attention to the environment and to the modern production systems , above all, was a fundamental principle in the construction of the new plant. An example of our highly innovative and environment-friendly production system is represented by the Thunit sheets production process, with its minimal environmental impact: the new water-based painting system, characterized by computerized weighting system and cooling waters recirculation.

At the end of the production process, the pigmented (waste) waters are collected in tanks and shipped to a company that purifies them by subdividing water from pigment. Therefore, no drop of water pigmented ends up underground.

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